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Our Own Making - The much anticipated follow up to the self titled 2008 release is finally available. Check out the new music player and download the album.

We've been far from quiet in the past four year leading up this the new release, playing with Mushroomhead, The Agonist, Kittie, Hed PE and Blackguard as well as our brothers in the local scene.

Brace yourselves for show #100.  To back up the new release, Our Own Making, we've created a live show that can be called an event in it's own right.

You will suffer. There is no cure for this plague.

Upcoming shows:

Project Independent - El Corazon
This is part of "Stuck Pig"...track 3 on the new CD. Holy crap! Listen how deep Shay growls on the last "Let me be"...I thought that was Donnie at first...freaking awesome. Then it goes into "Infinite Fear", track 10 - Chuck

10/26/2012 - The Mirkwood - 117 East Division Street  Arlington, WA

10/27/2012 - Uncle Sam's Bar & Grill - 16003 Pacific Avenue South Spanaway, WA

10/21/2012 - Tony V's Garage -1712 Hewitt Ave  Everett, Wa

11/10/2012 - Haley's Bar & Grill - 1716 Hewitt Avenue Everett, WA

12/22/2012 - The Lochs - 928 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA

PI 2012mirkwood

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